Stacey Stokes

Stacey Stokes was born in Chattanooga, TN. and graduated from Howard High School. He remembers liking art from a young age and even being told that he had “artistic hands” as a young man. He attended Chattanooga State focusing on welding, but was unable to finish his degree. He was diagnosed with depression and Schizophrenia as an adult. He came to H*Art Gallery through his attendance of therapy and art classes at the AIM Center. He speaks enthusiastically of expressing himself through his art, and playing guitar and singing. He also has an interest in making movies/videos and fashion. He likes that visual art can be reflective of the artist’s emotions but that it can also be seen and interpreted differently by different people. He mentions that when he looks at a piece of art, that he is “adding to it” in his own imagination. He is excited to be displaying and selling his art here at H*Art Gallery.