Signal Centers

Signal Centers Adult Services includes an evolving arts focused Day Program for Individuals with Disabilities and Aging Individuals in Chattanooga and N. Georgia communities, as well as an Employment Services program designed to assist Individuals with Disabilities in obtaining and retaining meaningful employment in variety settings. 

Signal Center Adult Tiles

The mediums used for these pieces include ceramic tiles and alcohol inks.  It is a project where individuals of all abilities are able to participate in the creation of the artwork.   Perfection is not the goal but an end result that is mixed and matched with on another because of the colors and styles that are used.

The process includes individuals beginning with a blank ceramic tile and then brushing a mixing medium over the top of the tile.  Then comes the decision of what colors to use - too few colors and the tile looks empty, too many colors and they tend to bleed to an overall muddy effect.  The inks are then dripped onto the tiles using a light touch and then can be blended using a variety of techniques such as, allowing the ink to mix on its own, using a small brush, a straw, or tilting the tiles. The end result is unique to each artist who creates the piece.