Rebecca Leahy

Art has been both a saving grace for me during times of serious illness and loss; as well as an outlet to explore my passions in multiple areas of creativity.  Growing up in Philadelphia, I was fortunate to be surrounded by the city's rich history and to have access to museums which inspired my love of art in all forms.  I hold a degree in graphic design from St. Petersburg College.  After a career in foster care and child protective services, I left to pursue a new direction which focused on my art.  I have since taught classes in a variety of mediums ranging from colored pencils to polymer clay.  My current artwork focuses on my love of nature and animals while utilizing a variety of pencils, watercolors, and pastels.  I am grateful for the artistic encouragement given to me by my grandma and dad early on.  The lessons my father instilled in before his passing provided the framework for how I continue to show up and survive.  Be Humble, Show Kindness and most importantly revel in both laughter and the love of the Lord in good times and bad.