Nathan Lassiter

Nathan Lassiter grew up drawing on walls, bills, and school tests. He graduated to loose-leaf paper, then after being chastised by a professional artist about the lines went on to use typing paper and sketch books. Cartoons and comic books were a huge influence on Nathan, and he loved to try to draw the characters from them. After high school her joined the U.S. Air Force and was stationed in Japan. While there, he found the Japanese style of comics called Manga; they have different focuses of character, and it is vey stylized. His style of drawing changed to reflect these influences. In the middle of this, the second Gulf War kicked off and he was stationed in the Middle East. While in the Middle East he was still able to access sketch pads, and he continued to use drawing as an outlet for his emotions. After he came back to the States his style changed again to a more Stylized Realism: it makes people look real enough to recognize but without stray hair or wrinkles etc. Now Nathan draws to feel better about himself; to promote a feeling of accomplishment and to better his self-esteem.