Misty Hicks

Misty Hicks is a lifelong native of Chattanooga. When she was around driving age and applying for her drivers’ license, she learned that something was drastically wrong with her eyes. She dropped out of school in the middle of her senior year because she was having such a hard time adjusting to her declining vision. She had been misdiagnosed and it wasn’t until she was 21 that she received her proper diagnosis of Retinitis Pigmentosa which has a slow progression. During some of this time, she was able to do a rehabilitation program and work part time in various jobs in grocery and food service, though the challenges of transportation and low hours and pay didn’t really make things any easier. At age 25 she was fully blind. Her life took a brighter turn in 2015 when she learned about Signal Centers of Chattanooga. There she was exposed to new technology that would aid in her independence . She learned about the Low Vision Art Expression group at H*Art Gallery and now has a renewed interest in art. More importantly, she appreciates the therapeutic benefits. She laughingly points out that it has helped with her patience, and adds that it’s “a good stress reliever.” She also says that even for a little while, it “helps [her] forget that [she’s] blind.”