Marlon Davis

 Marlon Davis started his profession of art at a young age selling or trading his art with fellow students. “I found myself in a rather peculiar position…being from Chattanooga it was always easy to find a quiet place to go. I had time to see various sites only a child would see and now I still have a very extreme imagination. It wasn’t too long before I stopped wondering. I picked up a pencil and started putting my God given gifts on paper. Now, everytime I begin to draw, I can't help but to think about the old days.” Marlon has continued to be a lifelong artist even through his struggles. At some point he tried working in a restaurant, but found that his mental health caused too much of a barrier. He now receives disability and has been a member of Johnson Mental Health Center since he was twenty one. Even while experiencing paranoid symptoms and homelessness, Marlon continues to share his love of art with the world.