Khambrel Green

Khambrel Green’s early introduction to art came from watching his dad create his art. He was a high school art teacher in Chattanooga. At the end of 1999, I worked at an art retail store in Seaside, California, where my painting career began. From 2000 to 2005, I studied the material aspects of creating two- dimensional art. Unschooled, I felt unencumbered by the rules and guidelines that art students find themselves shouldering. My educational influences are the library books I continually read and the paintings I study in museums and galleries. In 2005, I had a fall resulting in a C4 spinal cord injury. However, I was able to create a relationship with Yahshua and resume painting. My work is influenced by Situationist theory, seventies punk rock ethics and Conceptualism. I am exploring the notions of what a painting is, why it is of value and how I may symbolically reveal my self and the times that I live in through my art.