Jasen Boston

Jasen Boston was born in Tampa, Florida. As a child, he had always been somewhat of a troublemaker but not by choice. In his early years, he tended to skip school a lot and got into mischief with friends. His parents decided he needed something to keep him out of trouble so they bought him a sketchbook and a dog and told him they were his new friends. At 13 years old, Jasen began living an introverted yet artistic life. While discovering a new passion in art he found a new way of expressing himself and likes to leave hidden meanings and symbols in his work, which aren’t apparent right away. Jasen taught four weekly classes for H*Art to pay for part of his tuition and became a chef at The Chattanoogan and married in August 2015. He continues to work in food service. We are so proud of all of Jasen’s successes.