James Tims

was grew up in Minnesota, in a large family with 8 siblings. From childhood I wanted to serve in the military. My career in the USAF took me to live in Japan, Turkey, Republic of Korea, and deployed to Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Qatar. After 34 years, I retired as a Colonel. I deal with PTSD and neurological issues and find painting a pure outlet that aids in coping with these issues. During my last deployment I found painting to be a source of strength and healing – even while in a war zone. I remember crying myself to sleep one night: somewhat due to the stress of the situation, yes, but also tears of joy from the painting which I had just pulled off the gel and which had inspired my heart in that dark hour. I am married to Lea and we have two children and five grandkids. The primary medium of painting I use is acrylic paint on alum paper, drawn off of a sheet of carrageenan gel. Each painting is somewhat of a surprise, almost as though it’s a gift from God. In an effort to recognize this partnership, my signature is only visible with a black light. Along with that, as with many abstract paintings, there is a hidden message which is intended to convey the meaning of the painting. I hope you will be delighted with your painting.