Erica Birch

Erica Birch came to H*Art Gallery through Partnership for Children & Families. She is a survivor of physical abuse and emotional trauma. She suffers with her diagnosis of depression and bipolar disorder. Erica chooses to focus on the light within her to move forward. Her words say it best, "Despite all that has happened, I have always felt loved and supported. I especially feel a deep sense of community at the H*art Gallery. It's beautiful place and I have come to think of it as my family. It's a place where we can come together and choose not to focus on the ugly. Instead, here at the Hart I can confidently choose to take all that has been broken, and channel it into something therapeutic. I have gained the courage to sculpt a new soul journey with new friends. Here I can choose to rise from the ashes. I choose to create not just art but happiness, wholeness, and health. Thank you for supporting my journey. Life is better with art. Live better now."