Edna Milian

Edna Milian is originally from Puerto Rico and was in mainland USA from 1981 (in Chattanooga since 2010), until about a year and a half ago when she returned to Puerto Rico to care for her elderly parents and disabled brother. She is a registered nurse but after 2010 became disabled and no longer works in the medical field. She has been a lifelong caregiver, helping to raise and support several foster children and also works as a private caregiver. She is passionate about social justice issues, and does volunteer work to help women and children, most recently with victims of human trafficking. She enjoys hiking, Bible study, cooking, and traveling. She finds painting to be very relaxing and notes that it helps her to express herself through colors, forms, and shapes. She finds herself too busy to create art these days, but says that she loves to look at art and is always logging ideas to hopefully use later when her life allows.