Button Eros

Hi! My name's Button, and I'm based right here in Chattanooga. Tennessee has been home since I moved here when I was 4. I have suffered physical, emotional, and mental abuse by my family for as long as I can remember. Even though I'm homeless, life has been improving since I ran away. I am working on healing with my therapist and getting my mental health concerns diagnosed and treated. I've been making art in lots of different ways since 2007, but I love drawing, painting, and chalk markers the most. Art has always been my outlet and coping strategy. The creativity empowers me, knowing the limitless potential of a blank canvas. Challenging myself to learn different techniques while fine-tuning my style is fun! I mostly take inspiration from nature: the sky and clouds at sunrise or sunset, or even water, woods, and mountains. Sometimes inspiration comes from the most random things, such as new experiences or a new perspective on something in my daily life. It's wild and elusive, and I never know when it'll strike or what will inspire me!