Brenda Martin

I have fond memories of growing up with my mother sewing, quilting and doing other crafty things.  It was always fun going to fabric stores tosee the beautiful array of fabrics.  While in school, I developed a love of sewing and an interest in other fiber arts and crafts.  A few years ago,I played around with oil and acrylic painting but always got more satisfaction from working with fiber arts such as crocheting, knitting, embroidery and macrame.  In 2002, I developed an eye condition called blepharospasms.  This is a rare disorder in which my eyelids would spasm and try to close in bright light, sun light and especially fluorescent lighting.  Botox injections around each eye every three months helped to calm the spasms.  As I've gotten older, the condition has lessened and i am enjoying doing doing various crafts such as macrame in the low vision group at Hart Gallery.