Alfred Clyde Dodson III

I am fortunate to be able to share my photography with, and through, the Hart Gallery. They are paramount to me as a visible artist, and I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful they are. With my photography I get to capture the “constant” in an ever-changing world. I express what I can through the images I capture. They are illusive, ever changing, immortal, yet crumbling. The world is changing, if ever so slightly, and photographs offer only a glimpse of the actual. This is a shifting that I believe we are all cognizant of, but are often unable to express. As an artist, expression is such an extremely critical and viable aspect of survival. Because of this, it’s also important for me to note that I am transsexual. I draw and write as well as taking photographs, and I am working to fuse my writing with my photography. The titles of my series are “Abandonment: Crossing the Line; Gender Dysphoria and the American Work Ethic.”