Alfred Clyde Dodson III

I am an alcoholic and drug addict in recovery.   Each day presents a new opportunity for healing.   I am diagnosed with Schizoaffective bipolar disorder which makes life difficult at moments.  I use art as a means of coping and quieting the storms within.  Photography is a part of who I am and important to my recovery.  If I pass up a good picture, it bothers me, nags at me, like a sore in my heart.  It is something simple, not complicated, like walking, not running.  These photos are what I see now that my eyes are beginning to open with sobriety.  I am not fogged out and dead, like a corpse on a limb that is hanging over a slow running river of dead bodies, just waiting to fall in at the end of my shameful life.  I have an out, an expression, an easement to the suffering pain that I feel.  I have this massive wound that requires so much of me, and with photography I tend to it.