Alexandra Wendel

My name is Alexandra Lynn Wendel. I moved to Knoxville, TN from Evansville, IN after losing my grandmother, and we had to eventually live with my uncle in an east side trap house. I started drawing and painting when I was three years old, and during this time all I had was my art. Growing up, I strongly believed that art would save me throughout my pubescent years, and it did. My parents died before I was 16, and I was left to take on this world by myself. In the next years, I would go through trials and tribulations, tragedies and blessings, and anything else you could think of; I felt lost and forgotten about. In 2019, everything changed! At this point, I had almost given up on my art until I met my wife. She brought color back to my world and my art again. Now I can say: I am art, and my story deserves to be told.