Community Garden

Ellen Heavilon, HART Gallery TN founder, was sitting at a light at 4th St. and Georgia Ave. and saw a downtown garden. She thought, “I want one of those.” After purchasing the property for the gallery she used the green space available to make that thought a reality. On March 26, 2011 a group of fiends, family, and HART artists gathered in the rain to create the ten garden boxes that make up the 1st phase. On June 26, 2011, Homes was added as the centerpiece. We have since added rain barrels to catch the rainwater and are creating a compost bin. On November 17, 2012 a group gathered to plant 13 Leyland Cypress trees and install our first group of commemorative bricks. As we continue to grow our community more take advantage of the beauty of a natural surrounding in an urban setting.