Susannah Munro Wilson

Susannah Munro Wilson was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and is a 2001 graduate of the University of Illinois, with a BA in Political Science. Upon graduation, she joined the United States Navy as a Reservist, and was awarded the National Service Medal and Rear Admiral Keith Leadership Award during active duty at the onset of the Iraq War in 2002. She has created and shown her artwork in professional galleries in Chicago, and is looking forward to finding her art mojo again through H*Art Gallery. She finds inspiration in works by Gustav Klimt and Wassily Kadinsky, and has embarked on a series capturing the devastation endured during her 17 months of homelessness. Her use of layered vibrant color, juxtaposition of hues, and simple shapes offer a landscape of beauty she has found throughout her challenging experiences, as she has built permanent residence in Chattanooga. She enjoys capturing unseen Chattanooga architecture with 35mm black and white film.