Randy Gray

Randall "Randy" Gray is a self-taught “apophenia” artist and North Carolina native. The local artist is a disabled vet of the Vietnam era, when he served as an intelligence specialist in Ethiopia (now Eritrea). After his nervous breakdown following 9/11, when all of his repressed memories and PTSD rudely came forth, he had all day to himself, with nothing else to do but paint. “Painting had saved me. Painting something that I think is good is the greatest pleasure that I receive these days.” When asked why Randy had chosen to do art, his reply was “It’s been more of a case of art choosing me, I think.” He had a very vivid imagination as a kid and loved to doodle and draw. He would spend hours filling up notebooks with very intricate designs. He sees some of this in his style today. “I love being an artist, being creative, and seeing what happy accidents can occur whenever I paint. I love sharing my art with other people. It’s very satisfying to be a continuing presence in someone’s home.”