Kala Kearns

Kala Kearns is a 22-year-old artist with Autism from Soddy Daisy, TN. Although she exhibited early signs of sensory fixation and struggled with verbal communication from a very young age, she was not formally diagnosed until age 17. At around age 5, she developed a sudden interest in drawing, which she learned from watching her mother. Ever since then, she has been obsessively making art, which serves as both a means of expression and a way for her to pay attention. She has even inspired her younger stepsister and helped teach her to be a better artist. She expresses her personality and love for colors by using a plethora of beautiful patterns, no two the same. Each piece takes days to complete, and in a way, it’s like each artwork is part of her. Art has allowed her to represent herself and her personality in ways that speaking can’t. We hope you love her art as much as we do; it’s one of her most favorite things and her best outlet.