Christopher Brown

Christopher Brown is a self-taught artist, tattooist, and poet from Washington, DC. He has been drawing since the age of six. Through trials and tribulations of life, he put down his pencil and was pulled into the street life at the age of twelve. Always an artist at heart, he grew up making clothes, airbrushing jeans, and cutting hair. While living the street life and all that comes with it, Christopher made some bad decisions that led him to prison. While in prison with time on his hands, he picked back up his first love: his pencil. Upon re-entering society, he kept drawing in his spare time, as it is like meditation, or Zen to him. He moved to Memphis after the death of his mother because he felt her spirit here. Christopher has been homeless for a little over a year, since he moved back to Memphis. Christopher says that the Hart Gallery gave him the motivation to finally do more work and follow his heart.